Zumba is the latest addition to fitness and dance; it is an aerobic dance program inspired by several Latin and American style dance forms such as hip-hop and salsa. Currently, there are 200,000 Zumba dance class locations in 180 countries globally. Unlike the traditional fitness classes where you hear grunts, you will hear Latin music in Zumba dance classes. Zumba is a Spanish word meaning to move fast and briskly. Alberto Beto Perez, a Colombian dancer, came up with the idea of Zumba dance. He started classes in the 90s in his home country. However, he officially founded the dance classes in 2001 in the USA. Since its release in 2001, Zumba dance classes have grown exponentially in terms of the fitness programs they offer. Let’s take a look below:

There is a wide range of Zumba dance fitness programs that you can choose from. Some of the most popular programs are:

  • Zumba Step: It is…

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