There’s a familiar saying: “Youth is wasted on the young.” I propose a slight twist: “College is wasted on the young.”

Don’t get me wrong . . . you have to be pretty young to survive, much less enjoy, the late nights, the parties, the hormones. What I’m talking about are the courses. Just imagine: a course catalog as thick as your local telephone directory (yes, I realize that both are more often found online now, but stay with me). For the not- inconsiderable cost of admission, you can dip your toes into history, culture, life sciences, foreign languages, really anything you can think of. 

And, it’s a shame that what interested you at twenty may not be what interests you at forty or fifty.

For example, my daughter, a recent graduate of the Covid class of 2020 (and that’s a story for another time), pursued two rigorous…

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