Manifesto for the Indian Widow Who Wishes to Live

from A History of The Care & Treatment of Unnatural Beasts


1. You are hereby awarded the honorary title of Khasma-nu-khaani. Husband-Eater.

2. Your late husband’s family may employ this salutation as a form of address/taunt/curse at their pleasure.

3. You belong to that rare order of cannibals who devour their destined mates as an essential source of protein [ref. Praying-Mantis].

4. The women of your husband’s household shall bleach all evidence of matrimony from your body. This dictates that you:

4.1. molt the plumage of all colored garments: become the un-feathered beast / best flightless.

4.2  sheath yourself in white attire for the rest of your days.

4.3. nevermore jangle glass bangles / silver toe-rings / or hands sunset with henna.

5.  Your hair shall be shorn to the…

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