The subject of many a comedy—the bad boss—is a staple for satirists. The stage play “The Front Page,” was made as a film at least three times, including the Cary Grant/Roz Russell classic, “His Gal Friday,” in which things are switched up as the role of the star reporter is played by a woman. It depicts an overbearing editor who has no sense of or interest in his employees’ needs. But this newspaperman is trying to get the big story, so Walter Burns’ selfish curmudgeon is forgiven. More recent workplace satires, including the hit TV show  “The Office” and the enduring farce “Office Space” center on employees who are tormented by their bosses’ cluelessness.

In the former, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, means well but he is so narcissistic and hapless that he is constantly stepping on everyone’s toes….

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