When You Can’t Find The Motivation

I have felt like a LOSER before and self beat up is real. What I’m about to share is for you if your current circumstances have you feeling bad and you don’t know where to find the motivation.

I’ve failed a LOT. More times than I can count. I’ve been overweight. I’ve been financially broke. I’ve been heart broken, divorced, I have been in PHYSICAL pain. I’ve been a struggling single mom, I’ve been someone who experienced gut wrenching grief.

I’ve been hopeless, anxious, lost and depressed.

At 49 there is not a lot I have not experienced. And it has NOT all been positive. I AM however grateful for those times as it’s shaped me and allowed me to tech others now.

AND NOW… I’m always motivated. But it was a process to get to this place.

It is easy to get and stay motivated when…

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