When The Excuses Get To Us

Listen up 😀😀

Injuries, age, circumstances… I have lots of excuses why I “can’t” And you likely do to. We all do! Circumstances are REAL and happen.


What we decide to make of them … now that part is a choice.

Many times I’m asked about where to start…. with the workout or the diet? And the question is normally followed by why it won’t be possible.

Here is what I want you to know: They are both important but neither are WHERE TO START.

It STARTS with the belief that it’s POSSIBLE FIRST. And not leading with why something won’t work.

Read that again…. do you believe the results you want are POSSIBLE?

If you don’t, start there. The seeing the possibility is where it has to start.

Does your mind go to “yes but…” when you think of that?

I made a video for you over the holidays to…

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