What My 13 Year Old Teaches about Vision

My 13 year old reminds me about being VISION focussed every single day.

Ever since my daughter was a little girl she has talked about future things she wanted as if it WAS happening.

I was the same way as a little girl and am grateful that my parents engaged my dreams and aspirations vs telling me why they can’t / won’t happen.

I have watched as countless adults have told my daughter reasons WHY her goals are not possible… they do it out of well meaning intentions- I get that- but I love that she has stayed vision focused and I encourage that.

Penelope Gonzalez Singer age 13Watching her speak into her dreams has reminded me over and over again how kids start out VISION FOCUSSED and that life experiences and others opinions tend to make people enter self doubt and get stuck. Aging in reverse to me is all about getting…

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