At times we feel a range of emotions and aren’t certain about the best approach or way to respond. All emotions are normal and it is essential to pause, feel, and process. Today, the VASA Team came together to share options, outlets, and resources for making self-care a priority. Know that kindness, inclusion, accessibility, diversity, and authenticity are our core principles. Check link in bio for more resources on caring for yourself and expanding your knowledge.


Wellness Wednesday Tips:


  • Download your thoughts and feelings into a journal
  • Dance to your favorite song, spend time playing with a pet or cook your favorite meal
  • Disconnect from technology for an hour
  • Schedule time with a trusted friend to share your experiences and feelings
  • Connect with nature


Resource links:


  • Find Inclusive Therapy in your area:

Inclusive Therapists 


  • Learn about anti-racism and what you can do:


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