We Almost Didn’t Make It

We almost didn’t make it. 10 years together, married 5 years TODAY at the San Diego courthouse (then 2 months later with family and friends) And…yup… we almost didn’t make it. So many ups and downs but WOW, so worth the journey!

I am more in love with my husband today than the day I said “I do”

What didn’t work for us:

  • Needing to be “right”
  • Putting work before each other
  • Forgetting what we love about each other
  • Blaming
  • Talking to others about our blame.
  • Expecting the other to “change”
  • Wanting to quit when it got hard

What worked:

  • Choosing LOVE
  • Patience
  • Meaning our commitment
  • Working on ourselves and taking personal responsibility
  • Lots and lots and LOTS of…

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