It’s International Podcast Day! We love podcasts as much as everyone else. They’re perfect to listen to working out, in the car, cleaning your house, pretty much anytime! We compiled some of our favorites (and our member’s favorites) into a quick list. Check out our top fitness/motivation podcasts when you need something new to listen to.

5 Great FItness/Motivation Podcasts

  1. Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth – This podcast talks about the truth about fitness, health, nutrition, and more. They talk about tips and truths backed by science. Check it out on Apple, Spotify, or see their website for more options.
  2. Ted talks Health – Check out this podcast for a wide variety of topics on health from doctors and researchers. Check it out on Apple or the Ted Talk website.
  3. Hurdle – This podcast discusses how to include wellness in our every day lives. It also includes talking about fitness in…

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