Ugly Scars Tell Our Stories- 12 weeks post distal bicep tear repair

Ugly scars make us interesting. Do you have them? That’s what I keep telling myself haha. I mean I clearly will not be an arm model anytime soon!

Scars are our stories. I have a lot of them on my body. Eyebrow, lower back, chest, now my arm. Those scars are like a roadmap for our life’s journeys right? I have a story behind every single one of them and at 48 there are a lot.

Yesterday marks 12 weeks post distal bicep tear. It’s a milestone week! Scroll down a bit to see what my arm looks like today. For the FULL story of how I tore my bicep, why I had the surgery and more go HERE

WINS 12 weeks post distal bicep tear repair:

  • My…

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