Watermelon is the ultimate summertime fruit. Kids and adults all await the summer to enjoy this hydrating fruit. It can be consumed in many forms as a fruit, a fresh juice, a smoothie, a salad, nowadays several creative spins have been taken on making the most of the fruit. Food enthusiasts worldwide have explored tons of recipes to cater to the growing demand, especially in the vegan industry. Due to its high nutrient concentration, it is quite commonly used in these dishes. In India, it could be considered second to just mangoes. This ball of goodness, apart from being visually appealing and mouth-watering, is also packed with nutritional goodness.

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Nutritional Facts

As far as nutritional benefits go watermelon does not fall short. It’s primarily 92% water which makes it great for hydration. Low in calories and high in antioxidants. Here are a few of the…

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