Yoga has always been one of the most sought after forms of exercise. This exercise form originated from India ages back and has been adopted all over the world. Yoga Asanas For Beginners are simple but as you move ahead some asanas become tough but very effective. So, in this blog let’s learn about the various advanced and tough yoga asanas that one can master for a wonderful lifestyle of fitness.

1. Eka Hasta Vrksasana – One Handed Tree Pose

Mastering this form of asana is tough and takes time for perfection. However, it is absolutely worth the efforts. This is the perfect standing posture yoga asana that helps you gain flexibility. It stretches your waists and opens your lungs too. You can strengthen your entire body and tone your legs with this exercise. In this asana yogis balance the entire weight of their body on one hand upside down. Thus, the name – One handed Tree…

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