Maggie, Lina and Sloane are their names. In Three Women, writer Lisa Taddeo takes a close, extremely detailed, and graphic look at their sex lives. Researched over the course of a decade, crisscrossing the country six times, and sometimes living in their hometowns for months at a time, Taddeo’s stated goal was to give women’s sexuality the same kind of close-up that Gay Talese did in the 1980 study of the sexual revolution, Thy Neighbor’s Wife

Focusing on three white young women may not have given us a broad perspective but Taddeo makes up for that shortcoming by revealing some essential truths about the current zeitgeist. For example, though she never references the “#MeToo” movement, she makes its origins abundantly clear in her exploration of the abundant passivity of women’s sexuality.

The author begins and ends the…

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