Thoughts, Choices And Habits Can Change You

The Story of how 7 Day Jump Start was born

Who I am at 48 (49 this September) is not who I was 12 years ago at all. And who you are today can be totally different with a change in thoughts, choices and habits.

12 years ago I was a different person. I had  just had my daughter , was going through a divorce, the economy crashed (remember 2008!?), I was losing my house, and I was a MESS. Not just emotionally and financially, but PHYSICALLY. I was tired, overweight and so sad.

Before you say “but you just had a baby!” YES I did. BUT she weighed just over 6 lbs. The placenta did not weigh 54 lbs but the daily Mcdonalds french fries and hot fudge sundaes with extra…

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