The Story of PeaTos with Nick Desai

The Story of PeaTos with Nick Desai

Did you know that there are 92,000 Cheetos eaten a SECOND and that Cheetos is a 1.7 BILLION dollar business? AND that 48% of Americans have eaten one in the last year! And that Frito Lay is a 4.5 billion dollar business and that it takes up 60% of the snacking market share? Well, Nick Desai , Chairman and CEO, Snack it Forward  has a vision for Junk Food without the Junk and he is creating a massive and impactful disruption to the junk food industry. 

Nick believes that there should be a bridge option between JUNK and totally unprocessed natural foods and he is willing to risk everything to make an impact on the obesity epidemic while being honest with who they are. 

Today on Leveling up meet Nick Desai. He has been the Chairman and CEO of Snack It Forward since…

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