As we move into month nine of staying in more than going out, Netflix and chill (not the sexual euphemism, but a more literal interpretation) has become the norm for many of us. It isn’t surprising that the streaming service, along with competitors Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney +, and others, have achieved record revenue numbers. Back in April, just five weeks into our country’s informal lockdown, Netflix had grown by 15.7 million subscribers.

In my home, we have several on-demand services, but it can be a challenge to agree on a title. My daughter, a recent college grad, prefers Gen Z favorites like anthropomorphic, animated Bojack Horseman, reruns of sitcom How I Met Your Mother, or when all else fails, scrolling through the video sharing app TikTok. My husband enjoys dark, stylish, often violent series like Justified, Peaky Blinders, Continue Reading Source


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