She Said, the 2019 book by The New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, uses the Harvey Weinstein case as its basis, but its subject is far larger. And more important. It is about fear, regret, intimidation, and courage. Above all, it is about the power of journalism.

The news industry has taken some hard knocks lately. Everyone has been alerted to the dangers of “fake news” and indeed, there is a lot of it. That’s why it was especially heartening to read how these two young journalists, the female Woodward and Bernstein, tracked the story against serious odds, using the modern equivalent of “good old-fashioned shoe leather.”

Though there was some knocking on doors, as well as some trans coastal and even transatlantic flights required to get to those doors, much of their work involved trying to get the contact…

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