“Are we there yet?”

On a Greyhound bus, in the vintage black and white of memory, a little girl asks this simple question of her companions. Anyone who has ever had the joy (or frustration) of traveling with a child has heard this question ad nauseum. The meaning here is deeper. But the answer — as it almost always is — is “No.”

Julie Taymor (Frida, Across the Universe, Broadway’s Lion King, and the Met’s Magic Flute) is a theatrical creator of boundless energy and imagination. Here, she’s put this specific little girl on this particular forward-moving metaphorical bus with three other females of different ages, insights, and road-weariness. They are all named Gloria. Gloria Steinem.

The Glorias, an ambitious biopic, should have enjoyed a fruitful art house run, but like so many titles this year has just launched via…

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