The case for fake eyelashes

The case for fake eyelashes

When your husband ask if you really need fake lashes… Do I really need you Brooks?

Lol ok kidding I need both. Oh, WAIT… you thought my lashes were REAL? Nope.

BUT seriously though…heck.. quarantine, arm in a cast for 7 week (finally off yay!), stay at home orders in place, it’s easy to default to leggings, scrunchies and no makeup.

But here is what I know for sure about our mood

Getting put together, doing our hair, our makeup LASHES TOO makes us feel SO GOOD. It changes our mood, and our attitude.

The salons are closed.We can’t get our nails done. The dang eyelash places are closed…

I totally get these are not big problems at all. I am not…

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