The Best Tool for Recovery and Muscle Pain – PUREWAVE GEN II

I know many of you have seen my recovery/relaxation room that I have shared before. Believe me when I say I am no stranger to recovery methods. Over the last few years (and several injuries later) I have grown a great liking to the sorts! I have a number of healing mats that I love, heavy duty massage chairs, inspiring books, relaxing artwork, a fireplace, complete with a beautiful view.

But little did I know…I was missing my favorite thing of all. Because WOW! What I’m about to tell you about HAS to be the best discovery of 2020…FOR SURE.

Do you ever experience back pain? Sore legs and booty ?  after a workout like me this whole week? ?  Do you suffer from sciatica? Have general tightness? Suffer from headaches/migraines? Or just have a high-stress…

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