Just like everything else that we do in a social, public environment, enjoying a swimming pool also comes with its own implicit social rules and etiquettes. Some of these rules are explicit and can be found on the notice boards around public pools, while a few are implicit and belong to ‘proper behaviour’ category. 

Here are some basic swimming etiquettes, divided into two segments, (1) to follow before getting in the pool and (2) to follow while you’re in the pool.

Before You Get in The Pool

Wear Appropriate Swimwear

swimming poolThe first and foremost swimming pool etiquette says that you should wear appropriate swimwear before you enter a pool. No matter what kind it is, two-piece, one-piece, shorts and bralettes, whatever! No t-shirts and shorts, no cottonwear, no dri-fit gym wear and no lycra tights and tees. Fibres from all of these clog drains and is a big hassle for routine swimming…

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