Surrender, Scars and Choice

Almost a year ago, on my 48th bday, I got the word “surrender” tattooed on my right arm. It was my first and ONLY tattoo. I wanted that word because it means a lot to me. I know now (and knew when it became my word to live by) that surrendering is the only way for me to live. The opposite of surrender, to me, means to CONTROL and control is an illusion.

When we ‘try’ to control things, (circumstances, situations, our bodies, even people) it sets us up for disappointment, failure and sadness. We waste time chasing an illusion. And dang I lived in “control” for 48 years.

When we let go of that control, stay present and learn to accept that life happens FOR us, not TO us, there are tremendous gifts with that. Lessons, growth, peace, joy, connection, deep friendships to be found, and so much…

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