Lately, if you’ve kept up with social media (or even watched the evening news), you’ve probably heard people complaining about their hair. “I need a haircut!” posters declare as people protest local lockdowns. “Hair salons are essential businesses!” claim others. And a funny, if bittersweet, series of memes depicts great works of art that are overdue for a trim or color. Just imagine the Mona Lisa coyly smiling with her gray roots showing.

Most women (and many men) agree that stay-at-home orders are doing a number on our coifs.

Bad hair days aside, we do have it better than our ancestors did in the flu pandemic of 1918. For example, we have access to an unprecedented volume of home entertainment. There’s a lot of junk, certainly. But there are also options that celebrate the rich history of women. 

Here are a baker’s dozen…

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