Stop the Judgement

Stop the Judgement


Before you judge and criticize others make sure YOUR life is perfect you see, no matter what we do / say/ post there is judgement.

Post an active pictures : Get a dm or comment “must be nice to have time to do that…”

Share a food story or pic “You shouldn’t eat that, or you are eating too much or not enough”

See a mom at school drop off incredibly put together, or incredibly messy… more judgement.

Post a pic with friends : more judgement…. why are you with HER? Why are you wearing THAT? Why are you NOT doing this?

Share a success, a win? More judgement.

Ladies… OMG! Interrupting this here. Let’s stop the judgement. For real.

You never truly know someone else’s journey.

You never know what someone else is walking through.

You never fully have “all the information”

And quite…

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