Stop Saying I Can’t

Drop the “I used to be” syndrome and Stop believing that you are “too” anything ( insert whatever word here like unmotivated, busy, old, injured, etc) The key to being FIT at any age is not what you think…

First the 3 basics (which you’ve heard me say before lol but here goes)

1. What you EAT. This is so much of things. Eat MORE unprocessed real natural foods, load up on hydrating nutrient dense veggies, low glycemic fruits, healthy fats like avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil and proteins like fish. Focus on adding MORE of the good, less of the “not so good” but know it’s what you eat 95% of the time not about PERFECTION (which is not possible)

2. Create INTENSITY in your workouts. Whatever that means for YOU. Push yourself harder from wherever YOU are. It’s not about doing what someone…

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