Yoga benefits have always known to be good for your holistic health. It strikes a balance between your body and mind. Yoga originated as a form of wellness in India a long time ago. Today, this form of wellness has taken over the world. In this article, let us understand the various health benefits of yoga.

Physical benefits of Yoga

Yoga can reduce chronic pain like lower back ache, headaches and other kinds of extreme illnesses. It also manages to eliminate insomnia as well as blood pressure. There are many benefits of yoga when it comes to body agility and flexibility.

1. Higher Flexibility

Your body flexibility enhances a lot because of Yoga. The various asanas in Yoga lead to an agile and flexible body. This is very important as you age, it avoids physical distress created by lack of flexibility.

2. Muscle strength and toning

One of the many loved health benefits of Yoga, is the toned…

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