Poetry Sunday columns this month will reprise previous features of black women poets and poems that take up questions of social justice. We share the outrage and heartbreak over the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and other BIPOC and believe that a courageous dialogue about racial prejudice is critical to the survival of our culture and country. These poems remind us that poetry is a powerful vehicle for such a dialogue, and we will continue to make them a regular part of the Poetry Sunday series.


Instruction, Final: To Brown Poets from Black Girl with Silver Leica


Be camera, black-eyed aperture. Be diamondback terrapin, the only animal 

that can outrun a hurricane. Be 250 million years old. Be isosceles. Sirius. 

Rhapsody. Hogon. Dogon. Hubble. Stay hot. Create a pleasure that can stir 

up the…

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