Happy National Coaches Day! To celebrate we wanted to highlight some of our amazing coaches. We are thankful and lucky to have great trainers at all of our locations. Here are just a few of our fantastic coaches. We asked the coaches and those who work with them what makes them an awesome coach and why they are VASA!

Coach Breanna

“I got into fitness because of my parents. There’s these two quotes that they each say that I have adopted and learned to live by. My mother says “There’s Beauty in the struggle”. And my father once said, “Work hard and be kind, the rest will fall into place.” I work every day to be able to help people to the best of my ability. Fitness is a daily reminder that hard work and dedication pays off. There is beauty in the pain of life’s transitions that we all go through- whether that may be mental, emotional, or physical. But always leads to…

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