There’s a familiar feel-good film genre that the Brits do particularly well. A motley crew of ordinary people come together to achieve something aspirational — and inspirational. Sometimes it’s an artistic endeavor; sometimes it’s forging an unlikely alliance in order to stick it to the man. Friendships are made, youthful dreams are rekindled. Projects grow from the silly to the sublime. Everyone leaves the cinema smiling.

Dance was the key to happiness for a struggling mining town in Billy Elliot (2000) and more recently for a troupe of retirees in Finding Your Feet (2017).  Manufacturing provided the backdrop for a feminist strike in Made in Dagenham (2010) and some feminized footwear in Kinky Boots (2005). And both the society ladies of Calendar Girls (2003) and the working-class men of The Full Monty (1997) learned that less…

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