Storage Unit 202


I crawl into the pod formerly known as storage unit 202

inside is a quilt made of yesterday’s tablecloth, today’s plaid coat

& tomorrow’s prayer shawls

the storage unit emits a humming sound

occasionally a high-pitched note bounces off the metallic walls

I cook peas in the pod

I drink moonshine at dawn



one might sense a breath over a face

one may envision the tourists trampling
the wildflower superbloom

one can sleep alone with a space heater




Spirit House (six)


 the nats had moved into the house on Inya Lake

zoomed through halls with pocket knives,
tamarind seeds, green bananas

family offerings of jade bracelets, cheroot cigars, deer tails

medium danced wildly in living room, drunk on palm wine,
spinning, spinning

orchestra of circle drums & copper bells played on the…

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