Massive Action Is Overrated

Massive Action Is Overrated

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE MASSIVE ACTION. Massive action is great but it can also feel overwhelming and make us stop or not start at all… there is another way… small steps over time.

There are 365 days in a year. One small step forward every day makes a big difference over the year.

I’ve had book number 3 in my mind for quite some time- but it has not poured out of me effortlessly like the first two. I believe it’s because it’s my true essence and calling and it is hard(er) for me to write. The risk of failure is much greater and it feels so personal. So every day, for months, I’ve tried to talk myself out of it.

Until I DECIDED it was happening and committed to myself 1 hour every day- that is it. One hour to stare at it, write a paragraph, a page, a chapter, or even…

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