Dead Woman Poem for Marvin Bell


  1. The Dead Woman and Her Teacher

The dead woman met the dead man halfway.
She spent three weeks talking to pneumonia.
She couldn’t torch the library in her mind, so she poured red wine on it until the words swam.
Some chose the freestyle, which made the dead man smile.
She vowed she would un-beat the drum for him; invite fire with the tall, dry grass; and let the
……….dunes go.
Forget you, moon! the dead woman cried out in the night, your calculated distances, your
……….constant waning-waxings.
Sometimes she still drew a straight line in the sand.
Oceans tempted her to odes and people who listened to her in their folding chairs seduced her
……….with their ahhhs.
Oh, she was a backslider, the dead woman, and running out of time.


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