When I began to dig

this is what I found: from the Latin, vertere,
to turn, from the Lithuanian, versti, to overturn,

from the Sanskrit, vartate, he turns. Versfers:
turning, turning and bending, having planted

a length of beans or corn, having reached a furrow’s
end. Like a plowman, versing, this breaking up

of sod, this fashioning into tidy rows, helping the singers
recall their lines. When the need to memorize

disappeared, verse remained like the typewriter keys
spelling QWERTY, slowing the typist down. When I began

to dig, I found turnturn backbe turnedconverttransform,
be changed. From wert: to wind, its cognate weard

(turned toward). When I began to dig I unearthed
wyrd (destiny, fate), found what befalls one, reached

down, pulled up Turn! Turn! Turn! A Pete Seeger tune,
a psalm. From Slovenia to Wales, from…

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