It’s Not Genetics

“It’s Genetics”

WARNING this may trigger or inspire you (depending on what you want to see) When Jim Walters was the person on the left people said “It’s genetics”. Now that he’s the person on the right they say “it’s genetics.” Jim Walters was one of the first people I met when developing my 7 day jump start method… what changed with him? He stopped focussing on what was his current reality and moved his attention to what is possible.

I get that right now to you:

  • It feels hard
  • You may feel defeated
  • It may feel impossible
  • Your beliefs think you are somehow different and doomed.


  • Stop looking for validation of what is BROKEN.
  • Shift your attention to what is POSSIBLE.
  • Focus on what you WANT not currently IS.
  • Jim did it. So can you.

Want to start where Jim did? Go HERE!

I care…

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