Into The Light

A tale of The “quick start” and the detail guy…I’ve been with my husband Brooks Hollan for ten years (married 5) and it’s so true that opposites attract!

For as much as we have in common, we have some HUGE differences.

He was an Olympic qualifying swimmer, I hate the pool (ummm hello bad hair days).

He went through Navy SEAL training , I hate discomfort and no thanks to being cold and wet…

He’s super into cars, collects them, studies them, races them, and I can’t even tell you the year my car was made or the color of the interior true story.

I am a quick starter at everything and have 100 ideas an hour, legit 100 an hour. I’m a 3 3 9 3 on the KOLBE. He takes his time and thinks things through… thoroughly.

I focus ONLY big picture, and vision and hate the details (I feel they distract me). He is…

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