Three years ago, when I reviewed The Zookeeper’s Wife, I mentioned the haunting performance by young Israeli actress Shira Haas three paragraphs before I wrote about the movie’s star, Jessica Chastain. This was partly because I was referring to a particular Passover scene. But it also anticipated what would stay with me about the film years later. Haas’s role as Urszula, a preteen who has been horrifically abused by the Nazis but somehow finds faith and comfort again, left an indelible mark.

How pleased I was to recognize her as the lead in Netflix’s current miniseries Unorthodox. Diminutive, almost elfin in appearance, Haas somehow combines fragility with strength, and youth with maturity. She is at once an innocent to the ways of the modern world and an old soul with a far deeper understanding than her peers. And, as good as Continue Reading Source


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