Swimming is by far one of the best physical activities out there. Just a good 30 minutes of swimming daily can build up your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, tone up your muscles and keep you generally happy and healthy.  Minus the impact stress of activities such as jumping rope, tennis, badminton, step aerobic classes and more, of course. 

It is the best way to keep impact-related injuries out of your life, protect your knees and joints and still be as fit as India’s Iron Man Milind Soman, who by the way, was a national swimming champion at just the age of 9!

Given the amazing physiological and psychological benefits of swimming, it is given that we’d all like to learn swimming in Hyderabad and try to incorporate swimming for fitness into our daily lives, within budget and time constraints of course. And there are three tricks to this –

  1. Find a swimming pool near you, that…

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