How To Build Muscle

How To Build Muscle

Grow muscles grow…

  • You will not look like a man.
  • You will not accidentally become a bodybuilder.
  • You WILL love what you become…

What more muscle means to YOU….

  • Your body (mass) takes up less SPACE (Muscle takes up less space than fat pound for pound)5 lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of fat BOTH weigh 5 lbs on the scale BUT the muscle takes up a lot less space than fat. So basically YOU LOOK BETTER, TIGHTER, SMALLER and MORE TONED
  • Your metabolism works better. The more muscle you have, the more calories you use at REST
  • You have less aches and pains. The more functionally fit you are , the more muscle you have, the LESS you feel pains in your joints

To build muscle:

  • DECIDE it is happening. Your AGE, your (insert whatever self imposed stop and belief you have here) are NOT going to get in your way. If…

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