How Equinox was Born with Lavinia Errico

How Equinox was Born with Lavinia Errico

How does a MEGA successful Health Club Chain like Equinox start? Not the way you may think! Lavinia Errico, the visionary founder behind Equinox Fitness Clubs joins us to share how this mega gym was born from the ground up!

As a kid, Lavinia was super active and fit and ahead of the times with the healthy way of eating her mom taught her. It was not until college, when she started  to gain a little bit of weight, that she realized her gift for fitness and empowering others.  She started a fun dance/workout class with just 10 people and a boom box and charged just a voluntary  donation only 4:30-6 class… That took off and grew quickly.

As her and her brothers complained to each other that there was NOT a great gym option. There was the big box neon…

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