Healing My Distal Bicep Tear

Bouncing back from set backs…

Healing My Distal Bicep Tear

Everyone’s world has changed in the last few weeks. It is super scary being in the unknown. We’ve ALL been thrown into surrendering, being uncomfortable, being scared and not knowing what’s next.

I had a very small jump start on this two weeks prior to everyone’s world changing because of my injury (I tore my Bicep at the Distal and found myself in emergency surgery). I went through all the emotions with change, discomfort, anger, and loss.

First the background about the Distal Bicep Tear:

Four weeks ago I was in Costa Rica on vacation with my husband. It was the first full non work related vacation we had taken in YEARS! Two weeks to unplug, enjoy each-other and nature. I was on a hike by the waterfalls feeling grateful and decided I was doing a super brave…

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