The corona virus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. And as we all grapple to make what we make of it and learn to live with this invisible dread around us, we are continuing with our routines albeit with some added precautions. But some things are harder to work around than others. Going to the gym and working out is one of them.

Gyms, like businesses within the travel and hospitality industry, are some of the businesses most affected by COVID-19. And while most of us have been raring to get back to our gyms, there is the added concern of how do we protect ourselves and other while we are there. So all gym enthusiasts are now looking for informal tips and official protocols for prevention while gyming in a pandemic.

Why Are Gyms So Scary During This Pandemic?

Gyms are scary during this COVID-19 pandemic, simply because they are places where numerous people gather, touch…

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