About ten years ago, I was at a party and met the wonderful writer Michael Pollan. It was his twin nieces’ Bat Mitzvah. He kindly spoke with me for quite a while as I peppered him with questions about his latest book, In Defense of Food (2008), which I had just finished. Eminently readable, full of fascinating details, this book helped me understand things like why organic food is better, for example. It’s not just the lack of pesticides; organically grown food actually has more nutrients and vitamins.

Pollan also gave us his wonderfully simple guidelines for healthy eating: “Eat Food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” I told him I was an expert on eating disorders and he said he was seeing the emergence of a new one: Orthorexia, defined as a condition that includes symptoms of obsessive behavior in pursuit of a healthy diet.  He said…

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