Expanding YOUR brand

I’ve shared a LOT on social over the last decade, but… you likely don’t know these things about ME (yet)

1. My career for 20 YEARS before I started Natalie Jill Fitness was is SALES (sales, then sales director then sales trainer!) I had that whole career BEFORE becoming a licensed master sports nutritionist. If you ask anyone who knows me personally what my gift is, they will tell you SALES and branding.

2. As much as I speak into personal development and mindset and visualization NOW, I thought it was “dumb” for years before realizing how much it’s needed and has changed my perspective and life! It’s now such an incredible part of what makes my fat loss programs and business/branding clients so successful. I’ve learned that those who think it’s dumb (like I once did) need it the most!

3. I…

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