Busting Through Negative Beliefs

Busting Through Negative Beliefs

Aging in reverse!

Getting older does NOT have to mean: Flat butts, Slowed down metabolism, more stored fat, and loss of strength.

Growing older CAN mean what you DECIDE you want it to mean.

Hey, I am 49 and I too have been guilty at times of buying into the belief that aging sucks. But it does not have too!

After one too many injuries last year I refused to believe that I am washed up at 49. Instead, I got ULTRA curious and DECIDED that I get to practice what I preach. There is ALWAYS a way to step into a better version of ourselves.

I DECIDED that I was done with injuries. I DECIDED that I was DONE with the negative body changes and I DECIDED I was done with pain. I am a student AGAIN

My goal this last 6 weeks has been:

  • Regain strength post injuries
  • Build a strong backside…

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