If you’ve read any novels or watched any screen adaptations of Jane Austen, you know how Regency romances end. The hero and heroine — despite two or three hundred pages of obstacles that might include pride, prejudice, meddling relations, previous attachments, entailed estates, ocean voyages, a love child or two, or some colorful combination thereof — marry and seal the deal with a chaste kiss.

It’s all very satisfying. But, you might wonder, what happens next?

According to Bridgerton, the delicious new Netflix series from Shondaland, what happens next is sex. Lots and lots and lots of sex. Sex in a roadside inn, sex in bed, sex on the lawn, sex on the ladder in the library, sex in a garden, in a folly, in the rain. You name it, the gorgeous newlywed Duke and Duchess of Hastings have or will have sex there.

But I’m getting ahead…

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