Breaking The Pain Cycle

“BUT I can’t I’m in pain”… I get it… I’m the queen of injures and pain. I had 3 major injuries in the last year

What did I do when I was injured and in pain? How did I stay fit? How did I get OUT OF PAIN?

I still moved my body. Yup! But HOLD UP… this was approved and it helped a LOT. I worked through the pain.

Yes my doctors encouraged this. I and they knew it was not going make the problem WORSE. The damage was done. For as many restrictions as I had, I focused on what I COULD DO.

NO it did not feel good starting workouts. NO I never “felt like it” but I KNEW that it would break the pain cycle.

What’s the pain cycle?

It’s being in pain, then staying sedentary, then eating poorly because you think “what’s the point” and it’s being depressed and blaming the pain. I have been in…

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