What with all these lock-downs, curfews and partial curfews, let’s face it, we all have those slight bulge bellies now. Sagging triceps, larger waistlines, lost definition and so much more. And things don’t end there either. Most of us have lost the motivation to get up, get ready and show up for workouts too. We have lost that burning desire to work out once again.

But we have just the trick for you – workout songs.

Workout songs have the power to bring the gym magic back for you. Workout songs can get you back in the groove or rather back on the workout bandwagon. And if you find yourself just a bit out of the ‘popular workout songs’ loop, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a great mix of Hindi and English workout songs for your playlist so you can get back into that gym and back on the road to ‘fit’. Music tastes vary but I am revealing this secret list from my current…

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