The Survival Kit

In the days after we told you, and Dad moved out
leaving an empty bedroom that echoed your words
“I don’t like the feeling here,” the Emergency Survival Kit
you’d chosen from the Scholastic book order arrived.
It had a whistle, to let your friends know where you are,
a thermometer, a microscope, a compass, an LED light,
and a lanyard to wear the whole thing around your neck
for quick access when you are on the go. You tested the compass
in multiple rooms of our depleted house, and found
that the dial indicated North in the same direction
no matter where you stood. In those days after you began
to sometimes wake up in your same bed in our house
and go to sleep in your new bed in Dad’s apartment,
twin 13-month-old boys conjoined at the head underwent
27 hours of surgery to be separated. You followed
their story on CNN checking…

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