Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet is the key to getting those killer looking chest muscles. No matter how tempting junk food may look, you must avoid it as much as possible. Nothing can ruin your fitness goals the way junk food does. Chest exercises sculpt and define your chest and give you the confidence to look good.  Along with improving your look and strength, these exercises lift your mood as well! Working on the chest means working on the pectoral muscles of the body, commonly known as the pecs. The pectoral muscles are one of the largest in the upper body. Other muscles of the upper body include the trapezius, shoulders, and the latissimus dorsi. Along with working on the pectoral muscles, you must work on these as well.

9 Most Effective Exercises for the Chest

#1 Straight Arm Plank

One of the best exercises for the chest, the straight arm plank focuses on…

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